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Families with individuals who have disabilities face a range of unique challenges. These challenges include limited social opportunities, societal prejudice, a lack of understanding, and difficulties navigating everyday activities. Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities are often overlooked and neglected in our community and nation. The term "individuals with disabilities" encompasses a wide range of diagnoses, from mild to profound, including developmental delays, medical conditions, psychiatric conditions, physical disabilities, mental limitations, and congenital conditions.


At Aid Another, we recognize and embrace the diversity within the population of individuals with disabilities. Our primary goal is to meet them where they are and provide opportunities for inclusion and acceptance. We achieve this by advocating for their rights and promoting awareness within the community. To enrich the lives of children with disabilities, Aid Another has developed several programs that offer a safe, supportive, and structured environment. These programs include art, dance, music, educational assistance, recreational activities, and sports.


Aid Another is committed to supporting individuals with disabilities and their families. We are dedicated to ensuring the ongoing success of individuals with special needs by providing valuable vocational and educational training to help them achieve professional accomplishments. We strive to create a more inclusive and accepting society by providing various programs and services that cater to their unique needs.

Social Club

Inclusive Social Club for Tweens, Teens, and Adults with Disabilities

Join our vibrant social club designed for tweens, teens, and adults seeking a welcoming community where everyone feels included and valued. At our club, we prioritize creating a space where individuals with disabilities can thrive and have a blast.


Inclusive Athletics for Individuals with Disabilities

Welcome to our inclusive athletics program dedicated to providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in sports and connect with a supportive community. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to sports, our program offers a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive.


Inclusive Arts Program for Dance and Creative Expression

Welcome to our inclusive arts program, where individuals of all abilities are invited to explore the world of dance and express themselves artistically in a supportive and inclusive environment. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or new to the art form, our program offers a welcoming space where everyone can discover the joy of movement and creative expression.

Resources & Workshops

Support for Caregivers and Individuals with Disabilities

We provide comprehensive resources dedicated to providing support, guidance, and community for caregivers and individuals with disabilities. Whether you're navigating the challenges of caregiving or seeking resources to support your own journey with a disability, our program offers a wide range of services to meet your needs.


Community Member

Aid Another’s outreach has added to our community coming together to bring awareness to kids and adults who are developmentally challenged.

Our Team.
Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

“My son, Ethan, has autism. When he was younger,

his greatest desire was to play baseball like his

older brother, but he could not play on a typical team due to his special needs. It was at that moment that I realized that we can create, establish, and promote any creative arts, educational, recreational, and social events for children with disabilities.”


. Christine Ross, Founder

Our Partners

Autism society
Verteran's United
Walmart VA
Baila Fusion
Great Necks
Jackalope VA

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